Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Post, Day 22

Well, here we go! I'm on day 22 and guess what?!! I've only knitted 12 hats!!! Oh well, there will be snow days and holidays and all those sleepless nights to catch up this winter.

The hat I'm knitting right now is very strange indeed. I bought this yarn on Ebay a couple of years ago. First of all it is dyeing my hands as I knit. Oh boy. And secondly, it is so thin that the hat looks like lace. I have knitted and washed a square already so I know it will felt nicely.

If you have never knitted and felted a hat before I recommend you give it a try. It's easy and forgiving. For your first hat, try Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. There are many patterns online. Try this one; it's one of my personal favorites. Also, is a great place for patterns. There is one using Iceland and Splash that I particularly like: