Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Unisex Fishermen's Hat

I love a basic wide brim cloche like this. This is the hat you grab for everyday wear, although any of my hats will stand up to constant wear. With the extra wide brim this hat will keep the rain off your face and neck. One of my favorite wools to work with is fishermen's wool. This one is made of that wool. If you are just beginning to make hats, this is an inexpensive wool to begin with and it is so easy to work with. I can get about 3 hats out of one skein and the price of the yarn is only about $10. That's $3.oo per hat!

Washing instructions for beginners: Wash the hat in mini load in your washing machine. Settings: regular hot wash, cold rinse. Throw in a pair of jeans and about 1/4 cup liquid laundry detergent. Only wash for 4 minutes to begin with, you can always send it through again for a couple of minutes. You need to get the feel for how quickly your washer felts the knitted hat. The art is in the stretching and forming. First find a long fairly narrow cylinder to stretch the lenghth of the hat. They tend to go short and fat, but not to worry. They are stretchable as long as you do it as soon as you take it out of the washer. (Don't put them in the dryer!) I use a spagetti canister to do the initial stretching. I stretch it as much as I can into a long skinny hat. Then I begin forming it on hat forms. You can get the width back, while maintaining the length this way. Do get a good hat form if you can, otherwise you can do the final shaping on your head. I go around each brim and stretch and straighten it. It's really easy when you get the hang of it. But, remember, once it is dry you cannot reform it. Even if you put it back in the washer for a minute, it will just shrink smaller; you will never again have the chance of doing these important stretching and forming steps. Good luck!

Gatsby Chic

Two flowers come with this hat, each a pin. The large flower is cool on the has with the small one as an accent piece, but I think most people would wear it as shown in the picture. This basic cloche is marbled in shades of purple and turquoise. It is a cozy warm hat; the wool is luxurious. You can wear this one without the flower for a great casual look. It's versatile. My Etsy Store, TheHatTrick, has several more views of this hat.

For my knitting/felting friends, there are just so many things you can do with a cloche. Add a couple rows before reducing to the main body of the hat to get the longer brim. I started with 90 stiches and reduced to 75 on this one after about 8 rows. Experiment. Every hat is a pleasant surprise! Try different flowers. I liked these two so much I just had to include both with the hat.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Funky jO Couture

The Funky jO is a basic pill box hat with a twist. In fact it has an entire twisty fringe look. This hat is just so much fun! It can be worn in the style shown or with the brim down as a cloche. The flower is a pin, so it can be worn on the hat or on a sweater or scarf as a coordinating piece. Go to my Etsy store (The Hat Trick--link in my last post) to see the different ways this hat can be worn. Put a little pizzazz in your life with this one.

If you want to make a shat like this one, use a basic cloche style and extend the brim a little. Add the fringe yarn in with your regular wool yarn at the hat band for 4 to 6 rows. After washing, shape this hat over a bowl with a flat bottom to get the flat top. (I included washing/felting instructions in an earlier post.) Make sure you use a bowl that results in the right size hat to fit your head. Roll the brim at the fringe line for the look shown here. Flowers are easy to make and there are many patterns on the internet and in books for them. I don't follow a pattern as a general rule. Once you have made a few flowers you will find yourself experimenting to get the look you want. I added beads to this one after it was felted.

Funky Chic

The Funky Chic is a new fun style that combines a classic style and color with just a bit of whimsy. This hat features a large flower that has been knit onto the crown of the hat rather than at the hat band. The deep dome and off-white color create a striking, almost western look. It is a little on the larger side, making this the hat that wont mess with your hair-do. I enjoy making one of a kind hats that make a statement about the wearer's style. You definitely wont see yourself coming and going in this one! It's perfect with a beige, black or off-white coat, but will compliment any color of sweater or coat you wear. For more picture of this hat visit my Etsy Store at


What is The Hat Trick? Make one hat + sell it = one night of shelter for a homeless family. Now that's the best hat trick I know!

Getting back in touch

Hi folks! I've had a really busy spring and summer this year. We moved, as I mentioned before, started new jobs, had a houseful of family many times, went to the beach, went to the mountains, and generally had lots of fun. Well, that is except for the week Mike, my husband was in the hospital with Congestive Heart Failure. That wasn't fun, but he is well now, and it was a great wake up call for him. All along the way I've been making hats. Now I need to start sharing them with you. I'm loving my new creations; hope you do too. This is a basic derby style hat with a cluster of one large and two small flowers permanently attached. I've learned that sewing the flowers onto the hat before felting is a great way to make it lay the way I want it to. I still like making the separate hat pin flowers that can be removed. That gives the hat more versatility. However, I've not quite figured out how to make it lay up against the hat as nicely as these that are sewn on. Perhaps I'll try adding more than one pin, or attach it to plastic canvas. I'll let you know my progress as I continue to try new things.