Monday, September 5, 2011

Funky jO Couture

The Funky jO is a basic pill box hat with a twist. In fact it has an entire twisty fringe look. This hat is just so much fun! It can be worn in the style shown or with the brim down as a cloche. The flower is a pin, so it can be worn on the hat or on a sweater or scarf as a coordinating piece. Go to my Etsy store (The Hat Trick--link in my last post) to see the different ways this hat can be worn. Put a little pizzazz in your life with this one.

If you want to make a shat like this one, use a basic cloche style and extend the brim a little. Add the fringe yarn in with your regular wool yarn at the hat band for 4 to 6 rows. After washing, shape this hat over a bowl with a flat bottom to get the flat top. (I included washing/felting instructions in an earlier post.) Make sure you use a bowl that results in the right size hat to fit your head. Roll the brim at the fringe line for the look shown here. Flowers are easy to make and there are many patterns on the internet and in books for them. I don't follow a pattern as a general rule. Once you have made a few flowers you will find yourself experimenting to get the look you want. I added beads to this one after it was felted.

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