Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting back in touch

Hi folks! I've had a really busy spring and summer this year. We moved, as I mentioned before, started new jobs, had a houseful of family many times, went to the beach, went to the mountains, and generally had lots of fun. Well, that is except for the week Mike, my husband was in the hospital with Congestive Heart Failure. That wasn't fun, but he is well now, and it was a great wake up call for him. All along the way I've been making hats. Now I need to start sharing them with you. I'm loving my new creations; hope you do too. This is a basic derby style hat with a cluster of one large and two small flowers permanently attached. I've learned that sewing the flowers onto the hat before felting is a great way to make it lay the way I want it to. I still like making the separate hat pin flowers that can be removed. That gives the hat more versatility. However, I've not quite figured out how to make it lay up against the hat as nicely as these that are sewn on. Perhaps I'll try adding more than one pin, or attach it to plastic canvas. I'll let you know my progress as I continue to try new things.

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