Monday, September 5, 2011

Funky Chic

The Funky Chic is a new fun style that combines a classic style and color with just a bit of whimsy. This hat features a large flower that has been knit onto the crown of the hat rather than at the hat band. The deep dome and off-white color create a striking, almost western look. It is a little on the larger side, making this the hat that wont mess with your hair-do. I enjoy making one of a kind hats that make a statement about the wearer's style. You definitely wont see yourself coming and going in this one! It's perfect with a beige, black or off-white coat, but will compliment any color of sweater or coat you wear. For more picture of this hat visit my Etsy Store at

What is The Hat Trick? Make one hat + sell it = one night of shelter for a homeless family. Now that's the best hat trick I know!

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